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Eyelash Lifting & Tinting at Breeze Skincare & Electrolysis

Set the shape of your natural lash & enchanted your eyes with a long lasting Lash Lift. Lasting 8-10 weeks lash lifting is one of our favorite services! Receive a free lash tint with your first lift and see why it’s our favorite service 

Throw away your clumpy mascara! This treatment uses non-toxic dye to darken your lashes &/or brows. It helps to emphasize the eyes without the use of makeup & last 4-6 weeks. Great for anyone with an active lifestyle, if your going on vacation, if your getting married or have a big event, or if you just want to save time in the morning…who are we kidding? It’s great for everyone!


Lashes                $22.00

Brows                 $15.00

Book together   $32.00

Lash Lifting        $85.00

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