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Consultations for electrolysis are $40 & include a trial treatment. While booking the appointment you will be asked what area(s) you wish to work on & given some tips on how to prepare for your appointment. When you come in we will explain to you how the treatment works, its history, contraindications, & recommendations for best results.  If you are comfortable and ready to proceed a trial treatment will be performed.


The trial treatment allows you to become comfortable with electrolysis as well as allows the technician to assess your hairs strength, growth pattern & your skins reaction so that the best treatment plan may be laid out for you. Trial treatments are not mandatory within your consultation if you do not wish to have one. Payment is rendered at the end of the consultation with or without the trial treatment.


Upon checking out your first full appointment to clear desired area(s) will be set in the schedule and you will be on your way to your best feeling self! 

To schedule a consultation call 540-373-8161 or email

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