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  • Electrolysis is permanent hair removal for women, men & teens. It is a GRADUAL permanency that works with consistent treatments over time & can fit into any schedule & budget. 

  • Many factors go into someone’s hair growth patterns. Genetics, hormone levels & methods of temporary treatment (tweezing, waxing, shaving) Everyone’s treatment plan is different so it’s best not to compare yourself to a friend or family member receiving treatment.

  • If you are a new client you MUST book a consultation.  If you are a new client to us but have been an established client elsewhere please still book a consultation, bring in your paperwork & we can get right to work after a few quick questions.

  • Electrolysis Appointments can be booked no more than once a week & 60 minute appointments may only be scheduled by those who have discussed length of treatment time with Ashley.

  • We DO NOT offer LASER hair removal or "Brazilian" bikini hair removal.  We encourage our clients who want extensive hair removal for their legs, arms, back, chest, etc. to consider LASER hair removal to reduce the amount of hair by 50-60% then come to pick up what is left over with electrolysis. 

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